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Plastic & Polymer Engineering

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Plastics & Polymer Engineering is a branch of engineering which utilizes the knowledge and concept of Polymer Chemistry & Technology to make easy designing, developing and manufacturing a variety plastic products from polymers. So that Polymer Engineers can handle production shop effectively and also can develop a variety of Plastic products right from building materials to Packing materials. Further, polymers play a vital role in our day to day life due to their unique properties viz high strength, light weight, good flexibility, special electrical properties, resistance to chemicals and find applications in the production of a variety of products like toys, household wares, home apliances such as water storage tanks,food processors, refrigerators, radios, televisions sets, paints, synthetic textiles, medical and surgical products,automobiles, aircraft and shipping as well as defence equipment & power generating equipments etc. Hence, Polymer engineering is emerging as one of the most important fields of engineering. This has increased a great demand of qualified personnel in this field.

B.Tech- Plastic & polymer engineering (Duration of 04 Years)

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