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The Linguistic Committee aims at developing interpersonal and soft skills of the students. We are driven by the motive of personality development and enhancement of communication skills. We also help the students to prepare for the training and placement activities by having events like group discussions and debate.

Expressions is an annual fest conducted by the Linguistic Committee with the motive of enhancement of communication skills. Expressions gives each student a platform to develop confidence, gain knowledge and stimulate thinking. It also gives a golden opportunity of public speaking thus eliminating stage fear and improving speaking skills.

The Linguistic committee of College of Engineering Roorkee orgainzed annual Linguistic fest Expressions 2015 from 28 October to 30 October, 2015. A variety of formal and informal events were conducted this year under Expressions. Further, another formal event, SENATE, the parliamentary debate was introduced for the first time in Expressions’15.The event was well received by the participants and saw an overwhelming response from the COERians.

It is a group discussion event in which the participants are given a live based case study to discuss.Every participant gets 1 minute time to conclude after the discussion.The performance of the participants is gauged on various parameters like Leadership quality, knowledge of the topic, communication skills, etc.

This event is specially organised for first and second year students. It judges thelevel of Basic English among the COERians.

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