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Automobile Engineering

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Automobile Engineering

Automobile Centre of Excellence infuses technical knowledge in Mechanical Engineering students through workshop-training’s, industrial seminars & Conferences, training on Live Automobile Environment created in Lab and participation in global student competitions.

Objectives of Automobile Engineering Center of Excellence:

  • To Promote Industrial Research & Development Activities in COER
  • To Encourage students and Faculty members for Research Publications in reputed Journals, Product Developments and Patents.
  • To Facilitate Consultancy and Funded Projects of Industries and other agencies.
  • To Provide Industrial Training on various Emerging Technologies of Automobile Engineering in Newly created Labs.
  • To design and Development of Commercial Products.
  • To Strengthen Industry - Academia Interaction.
  • To Provide platform to students to interact with National and International industry experts and Special Interest Groups of Automobile Engineering.
The COE has well qualified and experienced faculties with expertise encompassing wide range of domains in the field of Automobile Engineering. COER have collaborated with Special Interest Groups according to the expertise and interest areas of the faculty members and students:

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